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We are always looking for ways to increase exposure for our authors through connected articles and online interviews. One of the ways we achieve that is through our Blog Alliance.

What is the Blog Alliance?
Every week, we at COTT write an article/interview spotlighting a New Release, our current Clash, a giveaway, or a contest update. We send the pre-formatted html to our Alliance members to post according to their own schedule. As a member, you are free to change the formatting we provide, we only do it as a convenience for you.

What do our Blog Alliance partners get out the deal?
A permanent link on our website as one of our blog partners. Your blog button on our dedicated Alliance page.
Great content to put up every week that we write!

Interested in joining? 
Contact us by sending an email to Our cyber-door is always open.

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Tammy's Book Parlor



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