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Blog Alliance

We are always looking for ways to bring authors, readers and bloggers together. One of the ways we achieve that is through our COTT Blog Alliance. (A blog can never have too many visitors, right?)

What is the Blog Alliance?

Each week, we at COTT write an article/interview spotlighting a New Release, our current Clash, a giveaway, or a contest update. We send the pre-formatted html to our Alliance members to post according to their own schedule. As a member, you are free to change the formatting we provide, we only do it as a convenience for you.

Occasionally, we also set up blog tours. Each blogger in the tour receives original content that is unlike any other post on that particular tour. 

And we do all this in an easy-to-use, copy/paste style so you don't have to spend a lot of time adding awesome content to your blog!  

What do you get out of it?
  • A permanent link on our website as one of our blog partners 
  • Great content to put up every week—which you don't have to write yourself (take the day off, get a mani-pedi!). Depending on your blogging schedule and audience, you could choose to post one article a month or each one we send. (Though we encourage you to post them all.) 
  • Easy-to-use content. Our posts are sent in both HTML and non-HTML format. Should you chose to join our Alliance, you will be invited to our closed yahoo group. It’s through this group that we send out one email a week with the blog post pasted in the body. (A simple copy-paste for you! Nothing could be easier, right?)
  • Reciprocal Backlinks. As one of our blog partners, you'll have the opportunity to participate in organized blog tours. Each blog partner who participates in a tour will post unique content, (provided by us in both HTML and non-HTML format), and each post will feature a link to every other blogger on the tour. This means multiple, white-hat, legitimate backlinks for your blog!
  • Freebies for your readers. On occasion (usually in tandem with a tour) you'll receive books and other goodies to offer your blog commenters. This is a great way to get your readers engaged...and it costs you nothing!
  • Extended social media exposure. We use targeted social media advertising to help bring more traffic directly to our partner blogs as well as to the Clash of the Titles main web site and social media pages. (This means you can spend more time on blogging [or that mani-pedi] and less time figuring out how to reach your target audience on social media!)

What's required of you?
We require just three things:

  1. Reliability. If you agree to post something, it has to be posted on schedule. (Remember, you won't be obligated to post every post, but when you say you're going to, then folks are relying on you to do so.

  2. Open Communication. We deliver posts via an email group. You agree to stay subscribed as long as you're a COTT Blog Alliance partner, and you agree to keep the email delivery to "individual posts". (It's the only way you're sure not to miss out on important opportunities).

  3. Show us some love. As long as you're a COTT Blog Alliance partner, you'll display a link (we'll provide a button) to the Clash of the Titles web site.
Interested in joining?

We are no longer accepting members to the COTT Blog Alliance