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05 April 2011

Meet Dee Smith

Today's host:Amanda Flower

About Dee
Dee writes, "I am a grandmother, transplanted from California to Texas, and madly in love with my Houston home. My true passion is writing fiction, specializing in suspense/thrillers pitting good against evil by supernatural forces through people.

I’ve been an actress in Community Theater and TV commercials, and for two years taught children enrolled in a film acting school.

I love traveling. I’ve walked on a glacier, ridden a hot air balloon and a helicopter over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. I’ve stood on the North Pole and waded in the Arctic Ocean. I’ll try anything once and love life!"

Interview with Dee

What characteristics make up a good antagonist?
He must be believable; a psychopath is always a good antagonist because they look and act ordinary except to the highly trained eye. He or she must be greedy, cold, ruthless, and narcissistic. I like female antagonists because their looks and manner can be so misleading.

Who is your favorite fictional antagonist from a novel you have not written?
Lizzie Borden. She’s not fictional, but novels have been written about her or her type.

How did you come up with your idea for your antagonist?
She came from another novel I had in progress. In that book her character was like the good sidekick or confidant for my heroine. Then almost as if she had a will of her own she became the “bad guy,” developing through her occupation as a psychic. I chose her darker side because my story draws clear lines between good and evil.

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