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27 July 2011

"Gut-Wrenching" Interview B- Marianne Evans

This week's hostess is *Michelle Massaro

Today we have Marianne Evans with us, author of Hearts Crossing.
(Excerpt B)

Outside of her writing, Marianne is an avid gardener (weed pulling = an opportunity to plot!) and she also loves to find and collect antique salt cellars. If you’re curious, Google the topic. They’re beautiful, and such fun! Her dream is to continue her work as a writing missionary because it allows her to highlight her love for Christ, and her love for heart-stirring romance! You can connect with Marianne and find out more about her faith-affirming fiction at: http://www.marianneevans.com/.

What was your top reading pick of the last year?

This might make you laugh – it’s not just one book, it’s a series—Karen Kingsbury’s Redemption series. I’ve never read such an engaging, powerful book series. For me, she’s the benchmark for what excellent Christian fiction should be. One of the happiest reviews I ever received compared my writing style to hers. I nearly cried.

I would too! She's a fabulous author. Have you learned anything new about God's character through this book?

God is always present – always waiting – and He loves us beyond all knowing. What a comfort and gift!

Most definitely, Marianne. What a beautiful truth. Now the nitty-gritty about you as a writer. Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?

I used to be a pantser, but contracting books on the basis of a synopsis has transformed me into a bit more of a plotter, because I need to have a strong idea of what my story is, and what it will be, before it’s ever written. That calls for outlines and character sketches and a lot of research, but I’ve found there are benefits to both methods of writing. It’s truly up to the author and what works best for them.

Interesting--I've heard similar thoughts from several authors lately about sort of being in-between those two labels. Writing against a contract deadline surely takes some discipline and scheduling. When's your favorite time to write?

In all seriousness, I write whenever I possibly can. It’s my passion and a driving force in my life, and my faith walk. I consider it to be my own form of mission work.

What a fantastic place to be at, mentally and spiritually, when you sit down to write. I'm almost embarrassed to ask my next question after that, but we're here to have fun, right? Okay, what snack do you like to have nearby as you write?

I adore popcorn, made fresh on the stovetop, with just a touch of butter, naturally….. 

Naturally! I think you, me, Adam, and Andrea need to get together for a popcorn party! LOL.  Marianne, please share something about the book that you think readers would like to know.

Writing Hearts Crossing was a learning experience for me – an exploration of finding God amidst tragedy. I had to ask myself difficult questions during its creation, and find my way to answers I believe we all struggle with as Christians when bad times hit. Bottom line? Our God is ever faithful, and never leaves us in a void. That’s what I’d love readers to know, and take away, from reading Hearts Crossing. This book earned publication after winning White Rose Publishing’s Hearts Crossing contest last year; it went on to final in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest and was also a CAPA finalist at The Romance Studio for Inspirational Romance of the Year.

Wow, that sounds like my kind of book. I write along similar themes. Congrats on all the awards and recognition. And thank you for visiting with us today.

Q for Readers:

Hearts Crossing is all about coming home again, and re-discovering God’s grace. When I discuss Hearts Crossing with readers, I love to find out about instances in their own lives when they’ve leaned on God’s forgiveness and ever-present love – especially when times are tough. When have you needed to re-find God’s mercy and grace? What happened as the result?

Alright everybody, jump on in! Join the conversation in the comments below by answering Marianne's question, or posing one of your own for her to answer. Participating earns you entries into our drawing, so don't be shy! And come back on Friday to find out which excerpt will be awarded the COTT crown, and which of you will receive a free book.

*Michelle's passion is evangelizing through fiction. She writes contemporary inspirational novels with heart-rending themes intended to frame the message of God’s healing love. Michelle has written for Romantic Times, Circle Of Friends, and Pentalk Community, among others. Find her on her blog, Adventures in Writing, and join the fun.
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