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03 February 2012

And the Amish Clash Winner is...

First, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our Amish Clash drawings. We appreciate all comments and votes. Your participation as readers, voters, and commenters gives Clash of the Titles its purpose. 

Our drawing winners this time around are:

who won a copy of
The Wonder of Your Love


who won a copy of
Falling to Pieces

It's been an edge-of-the-seat, flashing-swords kind of Clash between Vannetta Chapman and Beth Wiseman. These two Texas gals elicited some genuine response! It is beyond clear that both authors are well loved, and that their writing touches hearts.

I'd love to post every response, because I didn't see a single negative one in the overwhelming number we received…but in the interest of space, I have to choose just a few to share with our readers and to give our authors some idea of how popular their excerpts were.

Check it out!

Please don't stop writing...because your gift transports me to another place, away from all the stresses of life and encourages me!

Thank you for writing Amish novels. They are absolutely my favorite novel subject!

I love Amish Fiction. Both of these excerpts make me want to dive into these ladies' lives.

Hearing an Amish story takes me back to my childhood in the mountains of Kentucky. We read by lamp, the Bible mostly. Everything we ate we grew in the garden and canned on a wood stove for winter. The outhouse was about fifty yards from the backdoor. Thanks to both of you for taking me back. God Bless.

I love the Amish Clash as I love to read Amish stories. Having been in the homes of Amish people and corresponding so many years, my home has a room with all Amish figurines and dolls. Keep writing Amish fiction.

Keep writing! We all need encouragement to live more simply like the Amish!

I was drawn into the stories immediately, and now those characters are going to be following me around all day!

Keep up the good work gals. There is so much trash out there, it is refreshing to read wholesome novels that stir the mind and soul.

Thank you to all of our visitors who took time to comment on the excerpts. You are appreciated!

Both authors are so obviously WINNERS! Congratulations, Beth Wiseman and Vannetta Chapman, on being the kind of Christian writers who know how to connect with your readers! And thanks to both of you for participating in a COTT Clash.

It's time to announce which sword-wielding author came out on top.

Drumroll please… Now may I present our Amish Clash victor,

with her novel
The Wonder of Your Love

Just for fun, here are a few of the comments specifically relating to our winning author and her excerpt:

I have read The Wonder of Your Love, it is a great book. The other one Falling to Pieces, sound like it would be a good one also. Keep up the good work, ladies.

Beth is a very talented, gifted, godly woman!

I love reading Christian Inspirational books, and Amish Fiction books are some of my favorites. I love Beth Wiseman's books. They are always so inspirational and uplifting.

Beth, keep up the [ALWAYS] phenomenal job that you do writing intriguing, captivating best sellers that will keep me remaining a faithful fan for life!! You are incredibly talented and have the most amazing natural knack of drawing a reader in so they feel as though they're a part of the story!! :)

I have read Beth Wiseman's book and all her others. She is amazing! Good luck to both authors and God Bless!

I love how Beth Wisemen brings you in the home of the family she writes about. You feel like you are at the table with them. Thanks.

Keep up the good work! We have a lot of reading to do, so you have to do a lot of writing! LOL I share my books with our local Amish families - there are about 100 of them in our valley! :D

And that, my friends, is what it's all about…touching a reader's heart, changing a life, and encouraging a fellow pilgrim on the road to Heaven.

Go with God!

Post by Clash hostess, DeliaLatham  

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