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22 May 2013

Featuring COTT"s Own Delia Latham and her Latest Novel

by Delia Latham

COTT’s Image Creator, Delia Latham, is excited to announce a new e-Novella in the ongoing Heart’s Haven collection she co-writes with three other Pelican Book Group authors: Tanya Stowe, Marianne Evans and Mary Manners.

First in a collection of four Heart’s Haven Holiday romances, LEXI’S HEART is the Mother’s Day feature. Follow-up holiday stories will include Independence Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Here’s a blurb:

Forty-three-year-old Lexi Carlisle’s abusive marriage ended three years ago. Deeply scarred by the experience, and helplessly watching her beloved mother succumb to Alzheimers, Lexi is devastated. After selling her fancy home, she rents a cottage in Heart’s Haven, a special place unlike any other. Slowly learning to live again, she despairs of ever delivering the message of love that burns within her heart for her ever-worsening mother. But Mitch Gaynor, a handsome Christian author, reminds Lexi that with God all things are possible, planting within her battered and distrustful heart the seed of hope for a miracle. But can she open her fortressed heart to God? And is Mitch a part of His plans for her future?

Her Heart. His faith. Love Reborn.

The Heart’s Haven Collection started last October with Delia’s book, Jewels for the Kingdom, followed by Evans’ Operation Breathless, Stowe’s Leap of Faith, and Manners’ Dance with Me. Each Heart’s Haven e-Book is set in Angel Falls—a lovely but fictional small town in East Texas. More specifically, all stories focus on the tenants of Heart’s Haven, a one-of-a kind cottage-rental complex owned by a crotchety old guy named Andrew Hart. Folks ‘round those parts believe old Hart actually sees and speaks with angels, and that Heart’s Haven is a favorite hangout for the heavenly creatures. The taciturn gentleman has never come right out and corroborated that rumor. ‘Course, he hasn’t come right out and denied it either.

But then, lots of things are said about Heart’s Haven. Some folks think the place makes folks fall in love. And to add grist to that rumor mill, each little cottage on the property sports a sign hanging over the gate, carved with the sweet blessing: May love find all who enter here.

Thing is, it usually does.

You’re invited to hang out with the Heart’s Haven gang any time. Come on over and find out who’s falling in love with whom, and what the angels are up to around Angel Falls, Texas. We’re not hard to find—Angel Falls isn’t big enough to get lost in. If you don’t find us kicking back in the rec room at Heart’s Haven, we’re probably having a barbecue…or wedding…or something else we came up with so we could all get together at one of the following places:

We love company, so don’t bother to knock—just come on in!

Born and raised in a place called Weedpatch, DELIA LATHAM enjoys multiple roles as a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She’s got a “thing” for Dr. Pepper and absolutely loves hearing from her readers. Delia writes inspirational romance, and is currently contracted through White Rose Publishing and Vinspire Publishing.

You can contact her at an of the following locations:


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