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29 August 2013

July 2013 Releases Champion Is...


                                        Normandie Fischer


When a Southern woman with a broken heart finds herself falling for a widower with a broken boat,
it's anything but smooth sailing.
ISBN13: 9781938499616  
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
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A sample of comments from the survey include:

Becalmed looks Amazing! Can't wait to get my own copy of it.
Keep Calm and Write On!
My hat's off to all of the authors! Writing, publishing and marketing is a huge job. I LOVE Normandie Fischer's Becalmed cover!
I've read Becalmed. Mature viewpoint and writing, a real relief from the usual shallow offerings of CBA.
Becalmed sounds like a book from which I could benefit right now.
I'm reading Becalmed right now and am enjoying it immensely. I've fallen in love with Jilly.
A wonderfully atmospheric novel of coastal North Carolina. Feel the humidity without breaking a sweat!
Having recently got to know Normandie Fischer, it's thrilling to find an author writing books, Becalmed and soon-to-be-released Sailing Out Of Darkness, that authentically express their heart yet at the same time are entertaining and accessible to many. Congratulations, Normandie!
Clash of the Titles wishes to thank all the competitors
for the July 2013 New Releases:
About the Book:

Tadie Longworth doesn't spend much time worrying that she’s turning into one of Beaufort, North Carolina’s, spinsters. She has a gift shop full of her own jewelry designs and a sweet little sailboat to take her mind off the guy who got away. But now he’s back—with the fashion-plate wife he picked instead of Tadie—and he’s hitting on her again.
When widower Will Merritt limps into town with a broken sailboat and a perky seven-year-old daughter, he provides the perfect distraction—until that distraction turns into fascination when Tadie offers shelter during a hurricane. Over candlelit games of SlapJack and Monopoly, Jilly becomes the daughter she could have had and Will the man she always wanted. Only, he’s sworn never to let another woman in his life. Any day now, he’s going to finish those repairs, and that ship's going to sail—straight out of Tadie’s life.

About the Author:
Image of Normandie FischerNormandie had the best of several worlds: a Southern heritage, access to schooling in the DC area (which meant lots of cultural adventures), and several years of sculpture studies in Italy. It might have been better for her if she'd used all these opportunities more wisely, but it's possible that the imperfect and the unwise also add fodder for the artist and the writer.
 Her life changed radically when she married the love of her life at an age when some would have said she was over the hill and way past her prime. (Clichés often speak the truth, don't they?) A lifelong sailor, she was delighted to find that Michael also longed to cruise lovely waters, which is what they did from Northern CA to Mexico, spending too-few years in the incomparable Sea of Cortez. Sea Venture, their 50' ketch, is back home in North Carolina now because Normandie's mama needed care. Still, it's gorgeous there, too, and she can write and edit from home as easily as she could on the boat.
Her two grown children, son-in-law, and two step-sons are handsome (or gorgeous, as the case may be), talented, and a delight. Normandie has a precious brand-new granddaughter born August 21. She just wishes they lived a lot closer to home.
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Becalmed and Normandie will be featured in our Blog Alliance posts. The cover picture will stay on our main page for a month as the July Champion. Becalmed will automatically be entered in Round Two of the 2014 Laurel Award, which opens for regular nominations next June.

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