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09 December 2013

When Mountains Move, a Novel of Tragedy and Triumph

"If you haven't yet read Julie Cantrell's best-selling debut novel, Into the Free, you should probably get after that. If you're wondering why, check out [this] review or [this] interview with this stunning new literary talent. Done? OK. If you haven't gone over to your favorite retailer and "clicked to purchase" Into the Free yet, I'll give you a sec."We good? OK, now go ahead and let When Mountains Move drop into your shopping cart; you won't be disappointed!" --USA Today

About the book:
It is the spring of 1943. With a wedding and a cross-country move, Millie’s world is about to change forever.

If only her past could change with it.

Soon after the break of day, Bump will become Millie’s husband. And then, if all goes as planned, they will leave the rain-soaked fields of Mississippi and head for the wilds of the Colorado Rockies. As Millie tries to forget a dark secret, she hasn’t yet realized how drastically those past experiences will impact the coming days.

For most of Millie’s life, being free felt about as unlikely as the mountains moving. But she’s about to discover that sometimes in life, we are given second chances, and that the only thing bigger than her past … is her future.


About the author:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Cantrell has served as editor-in-chief of the Southern Literary Review and is a recipient of the Mississippi Arts Commission Literary Fellowship. She is the author of two children’s books as well as Into the Free, which received Christy Awards for Best Debut Novel and Book of the Year 2013 as well as the Mississippi Library Association’s Fiction Award. Cantrell and her family live in Mississippi where they operate Valley House Farm. Her second novel, When Mountains Move, released September 2013.
--Julie Cantrell, you know you are the best! Such a talented writer and dear soul!
--Julie!! Keep writing books that touch our hearts!
--Love Julie Cantrell's work.
--When Mountains Move is fabulous! Kept me turning pages into the late night. Interesting, complex characters!
--I voted for When Mountains Move because of the line "the only thing bigger than her past is her future." What happened in the past? I need to know! lol

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Item Reviewed: When Mountains Move, a Novel of Tragedy and Triumph Rating: 5 Reviewed By: April Gardner