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10 May 2014

Book Video: Wake the Dead by Victoria Buck

What if the first man reborn of an evolutionary leap doesn't like his new life? Is escape even possible?

The time is right for introducing the world to the marvels of techno-medical advancements. An influential man, one loved and adored, is needed for the job, and who better than celebrity Chase Sterling? After suffering injuries no one could survive Chase is rebuilt like no one has ever seen before.

In the not-too-distant future a man---if he can still be called a man---breaks away from the forces taking over his life and finds new purpose in the secret world of hiding believers.

Coming July 2014 to Pelican Book Group. http://pelicanbookgroup.com
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Item Reviewed: Book Video: Wake the Dead by Victoria Buck Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Nicola Martinez, Editor