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04 June 2011

Launching Clash of the Titles' Book Club--Join the Fun!

This month's host: Jennifer Slattery

I can't believe June's already here! Have you stopped by Amazon to pick up your copy of A Tailor-Made Bride yet? If not, there's still time. We'll be chatting about Karen Witemeyer's book all month, and considering the sparks flying between J.T. and Miss Richards, I'd say we're in for a lively conversation.

(This will take place all this month at our COTT Book Club blog. For your convenience, we've reposted the first week's questions here.)

It's interesting how times have changed, isn't it. When you read about Miss Richards plumes of fabric, petticoats and stockings, did you find yourself longing for the 1800's? Me? I spend most of my time in jeans and t-shirts. I like fashion, but comfort rules.

It appears Miss Richards might find some similarities among her clients. You probably remember her concern upon seeing the townsfolk and their simple attire. And it appears, if J.T. is any indication of the overall mindset of the town, that many are rather opposed to seamstresses.

To those of you who've devoured this novel already, no spoiling the ending!

I'd be curious to know what you think of J.T. so far. Rough on the outside with a heart of gold? Too stubborn and opinionated for his own good?

What about Miss Richards? Do you think she has what it takes to make it as a businesswoman? Now before you answer a hearty, "Yes, ma'am!" remember the decade we're talking about and all the struggles women faced. Now add to that starting a business...as a woman.

Final question: Early in the story, Jericho is frustrated because he believes Hannah's arrival interferes with his calling to minister to Louisa James. He had planned to provide Louisa with a new building for her laundry business, but the Lord saw fit to give it to an outsider. Have you ever experienced confusion or frustration when a ministry you felt called to doesn't progress in the way you expect? Does resentment or envy ever creep in when you hear other believers talk about the way the Lord has blessed them?

(And don't forget to help choose our next book club novel! CLICK HERE to vote for August's book.)

Happy reading all!
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