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16 June 2011

Protagonist Winners Annouced!

Congratulations to...

Rosslyn Elliott! You are the the winner of the Protagonist Clash!

Congrats also to Pamela Thibodeaux! It was a tight competition.

Comments from our readers!

About both-
"This is getting harder and harder! Both excerpts carry strong writing with excellent characterization. I want to read both."

"Using the drama of birth to introduce your protagonist is both interesting and effective. Taking on slavery from a historic and spiritual perspective seems really important and challenging. I liked the way you allow your protagonist to experience fear."

"Tough choice. Both main characters have caught my interest. Wish I didn't have to choose just one."

About Pamela's excerpt-
"The first really got my attention and left me wanting to find out more."

About Rosslyn's excerpt-
"Tom's scene gave vivid picture of the protagonist was, and the dream of who he might become. I wonder what angel of mercy found him in such a state..."

Drawing Winners!

Congratulations mtwinter and Julie Arduini! You've each won a book from one of these two talented authors. The author will contact you soon!
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Joanne Sher said... Friday, 17 June, 2011

Congrats, Rosslyn. Both were VERY good!

Michelle Massaro said... Friday, 17 June, 2011

Rosslyn, Congratulations! Your excerpt lookes so good and OMG, I LOVE your cover! (Told you that earlier, right?) I'll be posting an article featuring your win on my blog on Tuesday (along with the rest of our Blog Alliance)-- yay!

April Gardner said... Friday, 17 June, 2011

Rosslyn!! Congratulations! It's way cool, by the way, that you're into horses. I bet that helps your writing. Always wished I knew more about them, if for no other reason than to write with more confidence. Historical fiction writers inevitably have to include horses. Whenever I read a book where the author has horse-experience, it always shows in the writing. Love it! Again--congrats!

Bonnie Leon said... Friday, 17 June, 2011

Congratulations to Rosslyn! I endorsed this book -- Love It!

Wish I'd known about this site--what fun. I'll keep an eye on it and see what's up next.

Michelle Massaro said... Friday, 17 June, 2011

Hi Bonnie! So glad to have you here. Next week we are spotlighting our unpubb'd friends and their setting descriptions. I hope you'll come back and participate, we have lots of fun. Have a blessed weekend!

Rosslyn Elliott said... Saturday, 18 June, 2011

Joanne, thank you! I so appreciate COTT - really glad my agent RT'ed it so more people can find out about it.

Michelle, thanks so much for your support--as you know, it's crucial for debut authors because it's so hard to find a toehold with all the other great books out there. The cover for the next one is really awesome too - can't wait to unveil it soon.

April, it's definitely a help. I agree, I can always tell if someone is a real horse-person by the way she described being around horses. There's a jumping scene in the next novel that I had a great time writing, just because of the challenge of capturing the exact feeling of going over a fence while on horseback.

Bonnie is awesome! I was honored to have her endorse my book. Plus, she is one of the nicest multi-pubbed authors on the planet.

April Gardner said... Sunday, 19 June, 2011

Thanks for visiting COTT, Bonie! Rosslyn, I'm curious--would you say Fairer than Morning is a more serious read or more light-hearted? From the blurb, it sounded like it covered a series topic. Does it continue in that vein?

Lisa Lickel said... Sunday, 19 June, 2011

I'm so in love with learning about authors who are new to me. This is just the best place to find great reads!

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