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04 November 2011


*posted by Sr. Editor, April W Gardner

There's only one Finalist slot left before the last round of the Tournament of Champions. Let's find out which two of this week's authors will be vying for it...

Rosslyn Elliot's "Fairer Than Morning" and Delia Latham's "Destiny's Dream" clashed earlier this week. Both ladies were a joy to work with and drew the largest crowd we've seen this month. It was a rather evenly matched game for the most part, but at the end, one excerpt took the lead. That novel was FAIRER THAN MORNING. 

You're moving on to the next round.

Delia, sweetheart, thank you for being with us this week and for putting your work "out there" again. You're lots of fun to play with! 

Here's what voters had to say about Clash Seven's excerpts:
*It was so hard to make a decision. I'm still not sure. I think I changed my vote a few times....both very interesting.
*Both excerpts were great, but Fairer Than Morning is so alive--so much more than words. The writing breathes and whispers. So beautiful.
*Both are great reading--however, #2 (Destiny's Dream) is phenomenonal!

Spiritual oppression in high school--Shellie Neumeier's, Driven.
Illegal immigration in the Middle East--Ann O'Barr's Singing in Babylon

The settings and subject matter of these two clashing excerpts were night and day, yet both portrayed an interesting variety of angst. Thanks to both authors for participating!

That winner was...


Later today, you will proceed to the next round with Rosslyn.

Here's what a few of our voters had to say about Clash Eight's excerpts:
*It's good to see writers producing books for the youth.
*This is a great way to share. I'm learning so much from all the authors and their websites and blogs. Many thanks.

Game 1--Gail Pallotta's Blog
Question--When in Gail Pallotta's Love Turns the Tide does Cammie see a different side of Vic?
Answer--When Vic launches his own investigation into the crimes. 
Winner--Becky R. Congrats, Becky! You've won a $10 Starbucks gift card from Lisa Lickal, co-author of A Summer in Oakville.

Game 2--Marianne Evan's Blog
Question--Which of Marianne's books was a Christian Small Publisher's Book of the Year nominee?
Winner--Megan D. Congrats, Megan! You've won a $10 Amazon gift card from Amanda Stephan, author of Lonely Hearts. 

Game 3--Margaret Brownley's Blog
Question--What is the name of the Christmas anthology Margaret contributed to?
Winner--Theresa M. Congrats, Theresa! You've won a $10 Amazon gift card donated by, Raquel Byrnes, author of Purple Knot.

Be on the lookout later today for the opportunity to decide which of these two winners will be our last FINALIST!
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