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03 March 2012

The Ultimate Inter-galactic/Supernatural Battle

Today's host: Jennifer Slattery

This Clash has been a left-brain smorgasbord! Pushing mental boundaries can be addicting. Today as I tallied up the final votes, my mind wandered to other ultimate battles, like Superman against the Terminator, or perhaps Demons against Captain Kirk. Seriously, picture it. Captain Kirk and his crew land on a strange planet dominated by plague-infested demons. Just when it seems there's no escape ....

We could continue this game indefinitely, couldn't we? It was a blast talking about spec. fic faves with y'all. I also loved reading about your dream "reality." In fact, I think I'm still living in my dream world. :)

But alas, all random thoughts must soon come to an end.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting, pacing, biting your nails for ...

Our next literary champion, reigning supreme in the Clash of the Titles' Unpublished Speculative Fiction category is ...

You might need to sit down. Take a deep breathe. Close your eyes. No peeking. No scrolling down for a sneak-peek, either!

Drum roll please and fake audience applause. As long as we're doing sound effects, how about we add a sneeze or two?

After an intense battle, our next literary champion is ...

Chawna Schroeder, author of Metamorphosis! (If you missed the excerpt, read it here.)

Congrats, Chawna! In addition to a hearty welcome to the COTT family, as promised, you have been invited by Astraea Press to submit a complete proposal for immediate review (no sludge pile trudging! Yahoo!) to Stephanie Taylor, owner and editor-in-cheif of Asraea Press!

Readers, in case you missed her book blurb last Friday:

For as long as Beast can remember she has lived among her master’s dogs. With them she sleeps. With them she eats. With them she fights and struggles to survive. But through hunger and cold, she dreams of one day becoming Master’s favorite, earning bones with meat and a place beside the fire.

Then strangers attack. Her pack scatters. Fire eats the village. And Beast knows: Master is no more.

Alone and unprotected, Beast tries to defend herself against slavers scavenging for any leftovers. But she is only one, and they are strong.

Tracked by men, sold as a monster, is Beast only prey to be hunted ...

... Or something more?

Intense novel, huh? I can't wait to read it in print!

Visit her blog and website to find out more about her and her writing.

This has been a fantastic Clash. Both excerpts were phenomenal, and to our lovely, weirdly creative ladies, it was a pleasure getting to know you better.

Now to unveil our lucky reader ....

The winner of Diane Graham's I Am Ocilla is blog alliance partner Susan Hollaway! Susan, I'll be contacting you to get your address. Enjoy!

(If you'd like to join our blog alliance, shoot us an email at contactcott@gmail.com.)

Enjoy your springy weekend all, and make sure to come back Monday for another great clash and another chance to win!
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