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02 March 2012

Unpublished Clash Winner Announced!

*Post by--Sr. Editor, April W Gardner
*This clash sponsored by WhiteFire Publishing

The first five hundred words of any story are usually enough to clue us is as to the author's style, the tone the book will take, and whether or not the story will hold our interest. It's those five hundred from two different unpublished novels that we presented to you last week. 

Will Ramirez's Soul Yearning
Nancy Kimball's Chasing the Lion


We asked what you thought of the excerpts and this is what you said:

*Both leave you wanting to find out what happens. Good beginnings.
*These openings left me wanting to know more!
*Both the excerpts were great and had tension and emotion, that went with the "word picture" before me. Great job!
*Great job on both excerpts-I love the time periods as well! Hopefully these will be published in the near future so I can read the rest of these stories.

We asked you which you would be most likely to continue reading and this is how you voted:

by Nancy Kimball

Congratulations, Nancy!

In addition to a hearty welcome to the COTT family, as announced yesterday, you have been invited by Astraea Press to submit a complete proposal for immediate review to Stephanie Taylor, owner and editor-in-chief of Astraea Press.

This is what you had to say about Chasing the Lion:

*The first excerpt really grabbed my attention- especially since it stirred my emotions... and my love of mystery. 
*What was the answer his mother gave that caused this strong boy to run away? Very well done!
* Who's the dad?!?! I'm hanging off a cliff wondering!

Special thanks to author Will Ramirez for joining us and putting his work on the line for the second time. We've loved having him back and pray God's blessings on his writing.

Our drawing winner this clash will walk away with one of Roseanna M White's two novels. Winner's choice! 

That winner is...

On Monday, we'll see the start of yet another unpublished clash. This one however, carries the theme of speculative fiction, a new genre that's taken the market by storm. Come back on Monday for another opportunity to vote and win!

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