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07 January 2011

Conversion Scenes--Authors Revealed!

Coolest Clash Comment:
 “Today is the day of salvation, for someone known only to God. Only He knows the circumstances He'll use. Christian authors may be the vehicle. How exciting is that?"

Today is the big REVEAL--the day we let you know whose excerpts you’ve read this week. What? Haven’t read them yet? Well, get on over there! (click HERE) Voting is over for the week, but you can still enter the drawing for one of our featured books. Simply leave a comment (including contact info) on any blog post between now and Friday, the 14th. If you haven't done so yet, you can enter the drawing a second time by subscribing to COTT (sidebar). 


“As Pastor Paul Porter extended an altar invitation, Destiny sneaked a peek at Clay’s face. His hands had been fisted into white-knuckled balls for the past twenty minutes.”



“Oh dear. Not more talk about God,” Joleen frowned.“Why so scared? Do you really think it was by accident that you came into my office that first time? Or met Sam, who led Jennifer to the Lord, who then led Jade to the Lord and so on? Everything that’s happened in the past couple of months has been so well orchestrated, it can’t be mere coincidence. God’s been in control all along.”


COTT extends both these lovely authors a warm welcome! Let’s learn a little about their books.


Is a little respect too much to ask at a funeral? Apparently it is for Destiny May. Clay Gallagher is built like a small mountain and far more vocal than is fitting when he shows up late to her mother's "going away party." When it turns out he's not even at the right funeral, Destiny demands retribution in the form of an escape from the day's dreary proceedings. Spending time with a handsome stranger who makes her laugh is more therapeutic than fighting with her overbearing family. Clay finds Destiny beautiful, charming...and intelligent. So why is she stubbornly determined to open a Christian dating service? Clay has little respect for such a frivolous profession, and doesn't think the small, conservative town of Castle Creek will welcome such a progressive business. But when Destiny is threatened by an anonymous caller who deeply resents her and what she does for a living, Clay makes it his business to keep the saucy redhead out of harm's way. Trouble is, spending time in her company weakens his defenses, and Destiny may be the one thing Clay can't escape... if he even wants to.


What's a girl to do? Joleen Allen is on the hunt. For a man, that is. Unfortunately, every time the mother of five meets a prospect, he falls for one of her daughters instead! Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Harold, is back in the picture after a stint in prison, and he's looking for revenge. He'll do anything to see Joleen's reputation and her relationship with their children ruined. Harold has devised an elaborate plan to slander Joleen and ruin her financially, and will stop at nothing-even murder-to see it through. At forty-four, Joleen has seen a thing or two. She became a mother at sixteen, and her five highly independent children are now grown. Jasmine is a successful ad executive, but has a drinking problem. Jill is a tough cop, while middle child, Jennifer, surprises them all with her tenacity. Jinger is a self-centered glamor girl, and the baby of the family, Jade, is utterly spoiled. All the interesting men they meet get tossed around by this pack of barracudas. Adding to the mix are some drug deals, a kidnapping, insurance fraud, and secrets from the past, making life very complicated, indeed. With grit, humor, action, intrigue and romance, My Mother the Man-Eater is a redemptive story about a woman whose search for meaning in life sends her straight into...the arms of God.

Next week, we’ll get to know Delia and Tracy, but today, I have a question for you. What is your favorite verse of Scripture speaking on the blood of Christ, grace, or mercy?
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Tracy Krauss said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

I think you got that wrong. Excerpt A was Tracy and excerpt B was Delia. Might make a difference in posting the winner :)

April Gardner said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

Good catch, Tracy! It should be corrected now.

Delia Latham said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

LOVE that initial comment - WOW!

It is such a pleasure to be part of a Clash of the Titles event! Thanks to Jennifer and April for making it happen. And Tracy - it's an honor to strike literary swords with you! lol

Favorite grace scripture: That's hard! Who doesn't love Eph. 2:8? (For by grace are ye save, through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.) What beautiful words!

But as applies to my writing career, I think I'd have to go with Eph. 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers."

I truly believe that, in my writing as well as in my daily conversation, my words should edify those who hear/read them. I hope and pray that, thus far, I have succeeded in that goal. And I know that, if I have, it's only because God guides me in the "write" path!

Cheryl said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

Luke 1:50 is a good passage about mercy, which is part of Mary's song:

"And His mercy is on those who fear Him
From generation to generation."

It reminds me of the song, Shelter, which reminds us that God has been and always will be a shelter for every generation.

Tracy Krauss said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

Eph 2:8 "By grace you have been saved through faith ..." etc. I see Delia also picked this one. I guess great minds think alike! :)
Seriously, this was fun. When I first realized I was up against Delia Latham, I thought "Great! This is some pretty stiff competition!" You see, I am currently reading her book Destiny's Dream and loving it, so I recognized the excerpt right away.

Jennifer said... Friday, 07 January, 2011

This is my memory verse this week:
Isaiah 54:10 "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the Lord who has compassion on you.

Delia Latham said... Saturday, 08 January, 2011

Stiff competition, huh? How odd - that's exactly what I thought when I read your excerpt, Tracy.

That's a great verse, Jennifer! Love it! Talk about your everlasting promise...

April Gardner said... Saturday, 08 January, 2011

Eph 2:8 is my all-time fave "grace" verse too!

Unknown said... Monday, 10 January, 2011

All the scripture in the above posts are very familiar and special to me. Both stories appeal to me and both are beautifully written. My Mother the Man Eater seems very realistic, what family doesn't have the kinds of problems spoken about in the story. The saving grace is that this story has a redemptive answer to all the problems. Destiny's Dream surely has humor in it through the story. It's God's job to put couples together, so perhaps Destiny's friend isn't so far off base with his objection to Destiny opening an agency for matching up couples. Each book has the redemptive theme...each with a different road to the glory of God! Thank you for both these fine books as giveaways and for the chance to win. I hope I do win one.

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Please excuse my senior moments when I forgot Destiny's friend's name. I seem to be having a lot of those lately.

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