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19 January 2011

Most Gut-wrenching Scenes Day Two

This is going to be one close clash! Both excerpts are gripping and thought provoking. I can only imagine how intense each scene is in the context of the book--once you've become totally immersed in the story, when the characters' struggles, fears and heart aches become your own.

If you haven't voted yet, scroll down and do so now. There's still time, and I have a feeling every vote's going to count on this one. At the end of our clash, two lucky readers will win a free book from one of our competing authors. You can enter the drawing by voting, leaving a comment, or posting our link to your facebook wall then sending us a message telling us you've done so.

Happy clashing!

My question for you: What components make for an exceptionally gripping scene? What role does character development play into that?
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April Gardner said... Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

A gripping scene for me usually holds some sort of unavoidable danger. How would character development play into that? If a lion is stalking a guy and he's a coward, I suppose he'll run and find the nearest skirt to hide behind. If he's fearless, he'll pull out his whip and chair. If he's super spiritual, he might drop to his knees and pray for another Daniel miracle. Thanks for making me think! This was fun.

Anonymous said... Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

Interesting April, I would run. I think. But one never knows. I think how the character handles emotion will come in wrenching scenes as well. If you know the character is stoic you will see him/ her handle it differently than the person who cries at the drop of a hat.

Tina Pinson

Michelle Massaro said... Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

What makes a scene emotionally gripping or gut-wrenching for me is having my own worst fears come to life on the page. And the more detailed the description, the more gripping and emotionally-charged I will be reading it.

Character development comes into play in that I won't care nearly as much about what's happening to a character I don't relate with. But if I've come to identify with and care about them, my heart will break more easily. It's human nature to respond more fervently to the hardships of those we love than to strangers. No matter how sad, it isn't the same reading a news story about a child hit by a car as when it is your best friend's son (or yours!) So weave my heart to the character's, let them live in me, and I will live and die through them.

~ Michelle

April Gardner said... Thursday, 20 January, 2011

Good point, Michelle. Mothers watching their children die is always the absolute most gut-wrenching scene I'll read. Every mother's worst nightmare.

Item Reviewed: Most Gut-wrenching Scenes Day Two Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Jennifer Slattery