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07 February 2011

Meet Karen Witemeyer

About Karen Witemeyer

Karen lives in Abilene, TX with her hunky, computer nerd husband who has heroically saved her sanity on several occasions when evil glitches arise to assault her laptop. They have three children who think it's cool that their mom writes books even if the people on her covers usually have no heads. Karen is an avid cross-stitcher, shower singer, and bakes a mean apple cobbler. Recently, her debut novel, A Tailor-Made Bride, claimed honorable mention in the 2010 Best Western Romance contest.

Interview with Karen

How did you meet your husband?

Wes and I met in church, the second week of my freshman year of college. But this was more than a chance meeting. You see, about a month earlier, a handful of girls that I knew from summer church camp had a reunion and final farewell party at one of the ladies' houses in the Los Angeles area. My best friend and I had traveled about three hours to get there, and when we arrived, my hostess made a point to introduce me to a young man named Scott whom she used to date and who would be returning to Abilene Christian University for his sophomore year--the very school I would be attending in Texas for the first time that fall. I knew no one there, so she kindly gave me a familiar face to look for. I smiled and exchanged a few words with him, but I was sure that I'd never see him again. After all, more than 4,000 students attended ACU. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet God has a way of weaving threads together in a most unexpected way. For that second Sunday of my freshman year, our paths crossed. Scott and a friend of his were sitting a few rows behind me, and after church I stared at him trying to figure out where I knew him from. We finally put two-and-two together and remembered that brief summer meeting. He and his friend didn't usually attend that smaller church, but they happened to be running late that morning and decided at the last minute to visit this congregation since it started later. His friend's name was Wes, and the three of us became a tight trio. Wes declared his feelings a few months later and our early friendship blossomed into love. We've been married for 18 years, and I couldn't have asked for a better mate.

Oh, and we still attend that small church were we met.

What's your favorite part about writing romantic scenes?

There is something so refreshing and fun about remembering what it was like to fall in love. The butterflies cavorting in your stomach, the spark of attraction, the vulnerability of trusting another with your heart, the anticipation of that first kiss. Writing a romantic scene is like playing matchmaker, only as an author, I'm privy to the characters' thoughts and emotions. I know how much she admires his steadfast commitment to family, the kind heart that lurks behind his gruff facade, his capable manner, and the rare smile that turns her insides to mush. I also know that she stirs his heart more than any other woman, that being with her softens him in a way that makes him feel stronger instead of weaker, and that the way she looks at him leaves him wanting to scale mountains and swim oceans to prove himself worthy of her. The joy in writing these scenes is that as the omniscient author, I know these two people are meant to be together, and I get to help them discover that truth for themselves.

Have you ever had a crush on one of your characters?

Oh, my. That's a dangerous question.

I'm afraid I've had a crush on all my heroes. After all, what would be the fun in creating a romantic male lead if I didn't find him attractive myself? And of course, I'm not just referring to his broad shoulders and dark hair. No, it's the man behind the rugged exterior that makes me sigh. If I can't fall a little in love with him, how can I expect my heroine to?

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