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25 February 2011

Most Romantic Moments 2- We Have A Winner!

Today's hostess is Michelle Massaro

And the crown goes to...

Congratulations to Elaine Marie Cooper!  Your excerpt from The Road To Deer Run has prevailed as the champion of the Most Romantic Moment Clash (2).

And congratulations to Lorna as well!  Readers flooded in to participate in this clash and the battle was fierce. The race was very tight--we were dead even up until the last couple of hours when a few stragglers added their votes.  Final verdict: 52% to 48% Wow!

A few reader comments:
  • Both excerpts kept me wanting to read more!
  • Making us choose between brushing her hair and saving her life seems unfair. Two very /sigh/ lovely scenes. It was a tough choice.
  • Both of these were very romantic in different ways. I had a hard time deciding, but the deep love of this "protector" in excerpt A finally won out.
  • Both exerpts were wonderful.
 An intro from Elaine's excerpt:

Mary began to relax. Daniel’s voice was soothing to her spirit. By the time the brush had reached the crown of her head, she was closing her eyes, the tension falling from her face.
Daniel smoothed her soft locks with his hand. “There. Your hair is lovely.”
When he put the brush down, Mary turned to look at him. She noticed the dried blood on his right cheek, a reminder of his encounter with the intruder’s knife. She touched his face, which made him wince. She furrowed her brow and stood up, walking to the medicine cabinet. When she returned, she cleaned off the blood and applied slippery elm to the long but shallow knife wound.
Daniel took her hand and kissed her palm slowly.

If you missed it, you can read the full excerpt here.

Thank you to both of our authors--Lorna Seilstad and Elaine Marie Cooper--for making this Clash so unforgettable.  Welcome to the COTT family!

Elaine's Professional History:
Christian, Wife, Mother, Grammie to triplets, Registered Nurse, Novelist, Blog Writer for Reflections in Hindsight reflectionsinhindsight.wordpress.com and The Barn Door http://www.thebarndoor.net/ , Magazine Freelance writer, Newspaper columnist.

Fun Bio:
I have three favorite grandchildren: Jack, Chloe and Luke. :-) I love my family. I drink hot tea all year and LOTS of it (caffeinated of course). I want to rescue all the shelter dogs but my husband says, "NO!" (we already have three dogs...) I cry at Hallmark commercials. I love Hallmark movies. I love to read, write, crochet, cross stitch, watch Jane Austen movies. I love to look at my flower garden (after I have weeded it and when there is no snow!) I hate mushrooms. I dream of living closer to my grandbabies.

Thanks, Elaine- we love getting to know more about you!

The winners of the book drawing will be announced later today.  Good luck!  And don't forget to come vote again for our next Clash on Monday--Emotinal Intensity (Unpublished Authors).  It's a special, multi-round Clash you won't want to miss.
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