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31 March 2011

Authors Revealed!

Today's host:Amanda Flower

Excerpt A came from Ann Gaylia O'Barr's Singing in Babylon.

Recent grad Kate McCormack, saddled with college debt, has limited options…until she accepts an offer to teach English in Saudi Arabia. Plunged into a foreign world, she’s homesick and lonely, stuck in a gilded prison where women aren’t even allowed to walk around the block by themselves. The future stretches before her like a leaden sky.

Journalist Philip Tangvald, on the trail of a story about illegal immigration routes through the Middle East and North Africa, is intrigued by the feisty Kate, but wonders if he deserves to find love again. Too much loss and betrayal has burdened his life. First, his father, when he was eleven. And, a year ago, his wife. Now he’s free of everything—except the guilt from his past—and wants to stay that way.

Two worlds, two hearts in exile, are about to collide. And when they do, might they find a new song to sing … in Babylon?

About the Author

U.S. State Department embassies and consulates overseas, 1990 to 2004.

Singing in Babylon, OakTara Publishers, 2010. Two under contract: Quiet Deception and Searching for Home

Visit Ann online at http://www.anngayliaobarr.com/


Excerpt B came from Dee Smith's Deliver Us from Evil

Thirteen-yea-old Angela Ross, a small town Texas girl, runs away in terror after she shoots her abusive father during his latest violent attack. She flees without knowing if he is dead or alive. Now a fugitive, she melts into the busy crowds of the city, desperate and penniless.

On a rainy afternoon a few days after she arrives, she walks a cobbleston path to the cottage of Philomena Jones, Psychic. Soon after, Angela regrets ever entering the deceptive white cottage with its charming picket fence. It's too late to escape Philomena's reigh of terror, but a few years later, a talent agent, Arnold Peck, discovers her, grooms her into a music star, and renames her Angel.

At a performance, Angel meets Jessica Nelson, a devoted fan. Both lonely girls bond and become friends. Their meeting triggers a kidnapping plot and plunge them into indescribable horror as prisoners inside a medieval castle. Angel uncovers the kidnappers' plans--plans so evil that they will die by torture in a few hours. Can they escape? Will rescue arrive on time?

About the Author

Dee writes, "I’ve published several essays and articles for magazines and anthologies. I’ve self-published a novel, Deliver Us From Evil, and sequel, Angel’s Victory, now in progress." Visit Dee online at http://dee-smith.squarespace.com/.

Next week you focus on these very talented authors. Ann is Monday and Dee is Wednesday! The Clash winner and drawing winners will be announced next Friday!
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