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05 October 2011

An Interview with Tanya Stowe

Your hostess: Gail Pallotta
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Meet Tanya Stowe
Author of Tender Touch                               

When I asked Tanya if she learned anything new about God’s character through Tender Touch, her book about healing, she said, “I think instead of learning something about God through this book, it is a reflection of something I learned about God from life. I’ve had some personal experience with faith healing and I wanted to write a story that reflected those truths. Of course, Lacy’s gift is highly dramatized, but the basics about how God heals are true.”
What a topic! What an experience! Where do you usually get your best ideas for writing? 
They come from travel. Every time I visit a new town, I wonder what it must be like to live there. If I see a place that’s historic, I wonder how things happened. What did people think and feel? My mind churns with possibilities. Sometimes my husband will tease me and ask me to be quiet. When I tell him I didn’t say anything he says, “I know, but you are thinking so loud!”
LOL. That’s great. If you could interview one of your characters which one would it be? 
Stumpy from Tender Touch. He’s such a wise old man and tolerates no nonsense! He’s seen it all, the Gold Rush, the transition to statehood, but most of all, he’s been a witness to the worst and best of humanity. What stories he could tell! I’m certain he understands most of us better than we understand ourselves and wouldn’t hesitate to tell us what we need to know!
Tell us about your favorite character that you’ve created so far. 
That’s the one I just finished for an anthology. Her name is Zoe and she is the late-in-life child of hippies who came to know the Lord as a teenager. She’s a free spirit with a deep and abiding faith. She’s so in tune with God’s plans and His messengers and completely out of step with the rest of the world! She’s passionate about her faith and so full of surprises, she was just plain fun to write about.
We’ll look forward to meeting Zoe in the anthology. As a writer, I imagine you’re also an avid reader. Could you tell us about your favorite book last year?
My top reading pick of last year was the O’Connor family from the Daughters of Boston series by Julie Lessman. I just discovered them and devoured the series. I loved how their sturdy faith fit into the changing events of America! And a new one just came out. Wahoo!
Thanks so much,Tanya.
Tanya’s giving away a copy of Tender Touch. To read more about Tender Touch visit Tanya’s Web site.
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