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12 October 2011

Tournament of Champions: Week One, Clash #2

*your Tournament hostess this week is Michelle Massaro

Wow, what a spectacular turnout we've had so far! We've had two games for you guys and two authors competeing, but I'm ready for even more! If you're having fun partying with us, consider putting our banner on your site to invite your friends to come "crash". The more the merrier!

OK, before we vote it's time for your fun n games. Today's game is sponsored by Author Anne Patrick, author of A Familiar Evil. She is offering another $10 Amazon gift card to the winner. Yeah, baby!

To play, visit Rosslyn Elliot's site to find the name of one of the real Ohio towns featured in the Saddler's Legacy series.

Come back here with the correct answer and submit it in the moderated comments section below, and you'll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card from Author Anne PatrickDon't forget to leave your name and contact information along with your answer.

And now, let's vote!  Below are our next two excerpts. Voting is only open for TWO DAYS, so don't delay.

Excerpt A
Cammie opened up the food and called out, “Here, ducky, ducky, ducky,” into the still, quiet night. She and Vic tore six slices of the ducks’ treats into small bites, throwing them over the rail without talking.

Immediately Cammie heard, “Quack, quack, honk, honk.”

“I believe there are Canadian geese out there,” Vic said.

“Oh yes, you know how those snow birds like to come south. I think they got here, loved Destin as much as I do, and didn’t want to go home.” She couldn’t believe her own words. Had she hidden her true feelings about Destin somewhere in her heart only to have them surface suddenly when she wasn’t expecting it?

Vic took hold of her shoulders with both of his strong hands, gently turned her toward him. “Do you really like it, Cammie?” His eyes looked wistful, his face bathed in the fountain’s pink, blue, and yellow colors.

“Yes, I’m enjoying living here much more than I thought I would.” Cammie pulled free, tore up several more slices of bread, and tossed them over the gray weathered rail. “I had to move to Destin on such short notice. I’d never even visited here and had no time to find out anything about the place before I arrived.” She almost told him she’d had to hurry down here to interview him, but she thought better of that. “Needless to say, I begrudged the change at first, but not now.”

“I hope I’m part of the reason you like it here.”

Cammie stumbled for the right words. “Uh yes, I’m sure you are.”

“What kind of statement is that? Am I, or am I not, part of the reason you like Destin? Small angry furrows creased Vic’s handsome high brow.

Cammie stopped tearing up the bread slice she held in her right hand. “Do you want an honest answer?”


“Sometimes you are, but other times you aren’t.”

“That’s not much better. Would you mind giving me a ‘yes’ or ‘no?’”

“Yes, I mind. Listen to the quacking. The ducks are hungry.”

“They’re going to explode. You’ve fed them nearly a whole loaf of bread.”

Excerpt B

Holly felt her way to the cupboard under the sink and rummaged around for candles.
Kyle’s voice came out of the blackness. “Don’t you have a torch?”
“Somewhere… no idea where…” She felt for the candles, and screamed, jumping away from the cupboard as something ran over her hand. She was terrified of spiders.
“What is it?” Kyle’s voice was closer than before, and a hand fell on her shoulder, making her jump.
“Spider... No way am I putting my hand back in there.”
“A spider? That’s what that scream was for?”
She knew from the tone of his voice he was rolling his eyes and scowled. “Don’t laugh at me. I don’t like them, and it could be anywhere.”
“Don’t move. I’ve got a torch in the car; I’ll go and get it.”
“OK.” Holly didn’t move a muscle as Kyle made his way to the door.
He seemed to be gone an eternity, and when he got back, there was no sign of the spider. “A fuse must have blown. This is the only house with no power.”
Holly sighed. “Then I’d better change the fuse.”
“I’ll do it. Where’s your fuse box?”
“Cupboard under the stairs, but you don’t have to.”
“I know I don’t have to. I want to.”
Holly sat on the stool while Kyle and the flashlight vanished into the hall. Less than a minute later the lights and stereo came back on. She smiled as he came back in. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” Kyle dished up and then he carried the plates over to the table. Settling down at the table, they held hands as he said grace.
Holly picked up her fork and the lights went out again. She burst out laughing. “If you want a job done properly, get a woman to do it.”
Kyle flicked on the flashlight and shone it at her. “Not funny.”
“Oh it is,” she laughed. “But I’ll do it after dinner. There are candles in the cupboard under the sink. You can get them in case there’s a spider there again.”
“Women,” Kyle teased. “You know it’s far more scared of you than you are of it, right?” He went over to the cupboard, pulled out four candles and stuck them in the holders. Setting them on the table, he lit them and looked at her. “Actually it’s quite romantic. Having Christmas dinner by candlelight is quite appropriate for a first date.”
“I’d not thought of it like that.” Holly smiled and picked up her fork again, taking a cautious bite, not convinced savoury crumble would work. She was wrong. It was fantastic! Kyle was an amazing cook. “Wow. This is wonderful. It may not be what Mum would call a proper Christmas dinner, but it’s just perfect.”
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