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21 October 2011

Tournament of Champions: Week Two Winners

We have the 
R E S U L T S!


That's the hush of bated breath as I stand ready to reveal the winners of this week's games. It was a roof-raisin' shindig, and I thought for a while there that we might have to call in the cyber-police, but y'all kept things just within the bounds of acceptable. Thank you for that!

And now, without further delay... (Drumroll please!) The winners are:

LINDA won Game #1. She'll receive a
$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate 

CLAUDIA RIZZI won Game #2. She'll receive a
$25 Partylite Gift Certificate
from Michelle Massaro.

I guess y'all were plumb tuckered out with all the partying early in the week. You slept right through Game #3, so NO WINNER for this one. Someone missed out on a 
$10 Gift Certificate to Amazon.com


And now, I know you're wondering who won this week's Clashes.

All four entries were outstanding, and I sincerely believe each of them possessed strong winning qualities. Alas, however...we must choose a single winner from each of the two Clashes. These two will go head to head, and only one will move on to the finals.

This weeks
Clash WINNERS are:

Clash #3:

Clash #4: 

Elaine Marie Cooper and her excerpt from 


Cyber-hugs and sincere thanks to Anne Patrick and Margaret Brownley! These were tough decisions and difficult votes to make. You're ALL winners!
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