Friday, April 13, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Your Clash Hostess:  Gail Pallotta

What a great Clash! Three talented authors!
Three great blurbs and front covers!

One commenter said, “The books all look so intriguing…”
Another said, “3 great books…”

I couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations go to Keven Newsome for Winter!

We're all freaks. It's just a matter of perspective.
Winter Maessen didn’t ask for the gift of prophecy. She’s happy being a freak – but now everyone thinks she’s crazy. Or evil. Goths aren’t all the same, you know. Some are Christians…Christians to whom God sends visions.Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there’s more than flesh and blood at work. Her gift means she’s the only one who can stop it – but at what price?
About Winter one of our commenters said, “Just finished Winter, loved it.”
Congratulations also to our book winners!

Gillian Adams chooses between a print copy of Winter OR two e-books, Winter and Aquasynthesis.
Pauline Jim Creeden wins Lady of Devices.

And Brandi Bondi wins The Chair.

Be sure to come back Monday for the back cover blurb Clash! See you then!


Shelley Adina Friday, April 13, 2012  

Congratulations to Keven and all our winners!

P. Creeden Friday, April 13, 2012  

Awesome Keven & I love steampunk so yay!

Kristen Saturday, April 14, 2012  

I'm so proud...

Yay, Keven!

Keven Newsome Wednesday, April 18, 2012  

Thanks everyone! I'm honored!

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