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16 April 2012


Your hostess for this Clash of the Titles Back Cover Summary competition is Lisa Lickel.

Grab the nearest book. Turn it over.

Ah, the back cover – is it blank, have a dust jacket, full of praises from other authors, tease you with words or pictures…what grabs you?

A “blurb” or short teaser of a book’s contents usually runs 100-250 words, depending on how much space the publisher is willing to give to this information. That’s not much of a chance to entice the reader.

Here at Clash of the Titles, we’re shortening that teaser further. How much time do you devote to a cold book purchase? If the first sentence, even the first word, doesn’t make you want to read more, the author loses a sale, and probably a fan, much less all the readers that fan influences.

The challenge: Choose the summary of the following two books that makes you want to forget everything else in your life and curl up with the book, reading until you turn the last page.

For a month, we’ve been subliminally introducing you to these stories.

This Clash is Open: we’re not keeping secrets about the authors or their titles, but we do beg you for thoughtful, conscientious voting.
Cast your votes for your choice of summary here, as well as on our Facebook page. REMEMBER: You must answer the authors’ questions as well to be entered into a drawing for a copy of the featured books (choose electronic or print).

Two books. Two summaries. One Champion.

And now…the summaries:


"Supernatural: above, beyond, in excess of nature. If the meaning of life cannot be found in nature, then I must determine if the answer lies beyond it."

Brandon Dauphin feels like a dying ember. He's jobless and feels worthless, and falling in love has only made his problem worse.

In an authoritarian and overstimulated 22nd-century America, all he can do to relieve his pain is indulge in the computer-simulated fantasies of a network called Dynamic Reality...until a virus takes control of the simulation.

Unable to return to the real world, Brandon finds that the virus shares his questions about existence, and that she will stop at nothing for her answers.

Ryan Grabow, Caffeine
Ryan: Do you enjoy stand-alone novels more, or those that lead to sequels and trilogies, etc.?


Open your heart and mind to the simplicity and complexity of a name.

I know only my name. Beyond that is confusion, a void where fantasy and reality swirl together. Fairies, Giants, Elves, Dwarves, ancient Keepers, and...Dragons? 

A dark soul threatens the Five Kingdoms, but I am powerless to stand against him, overwhelmed by phantom memories, broken and lost. 

Somehow, I must live. I must find my purpose. There are friends to love and battles to fight.

I know my name. Perhaps that is enough.

Diane Graham, I Am Ocilla
Diane: What do you feel after reading the back cover for I Am Ocilla?

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Jennifer said... Monday, 16 April, 2012

Oh, what a fun clash! In answer to your question, with my kindle and the ability to "sample" books before I buy them, I tend to read the sample chapters before making a decision. In the past, I've purchased books with an intriguing back cover blurb and attention-grabbing opening that fall flat a couple chapters in. As a reviewer, I've also read some amazing books I almost put aside after a slower first chapter. This has taught me to be a bit more liberal with my time, and thankfully, kindle sample allows me to do this without hurting my pocketbook. :)

Lisa Lickel said... Monday, 16 April, 2012

I agree, Jennifer - it's nice to sample. Answering - boy, Ryan, soemtimes a character grabs you and you want more story; sometimes it's enough the way it is. Hard to tell. GWTW was great plenty on its own. And Diane...of course I'm just waiting to read more. I feel the pain and loneliness and I want it resolved.

Diane M Graham said... Monday, 16 April, 2012

Thank you for allowing me back, Lisa. =)

Lisa Lickel said... Monday, 16 April, 2012

The excerpts are chosen anonymously, and you know what I went through with all the wonderful authors to choose from. Thank you for being gracious to return.

Item Reviewed: CLASH OF THE BACK COVER SUMMARIES BEGINS Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lisa Lickel