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27 April 2012

Champion of the Back Cover Summary!

Your hostess for this Clash is Lisa Lickel
The Alliance Spotlight is on Delia Latham
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Next week starts a whole new Clash of the Leading Ladies with hostess Michelle Massaro.  

Here are a few of the Encouraging Comments from the poll:
  • A good book always leaves the reader wishing for more, therefore I would have to say I appreciate a series more.
  • The back cover makes me want to find out everything I can about Ocilla and her world.
  • I enjoy stand alones, but confess that I read more series, but that may be largely because of how popular they are in my favored genres. What's more, it seems these days even if it's "stand alone" many writers continue with more books.
  • What do I feel? Curious, excited, and impatient. I want to start reading the whole book.
  • I feel pulled into the story already. I wish I could describe it more eloquently, but the words and the way its described really connected with something deeper. I'm curious who this person is and how she will do overcome the "dark soul" and if she will recover her memories.
  • Ryan - I like series and Trilogies, BUT each novel should have a stand alone feel to it. If you start the second book in a trilogy, the reader shouldn't feel completely lost, and I hate cliffhangers! Diane - I feel deja vu :)
  • The back cover blurb enchants me with promise of mystery and intrigue and heroism. I love the challenge and the quest Ocilla faces!
  • AHHHH!!!! I want to know who she is!! lol!!
  • I got a chill, Diane. It always does it to me!
  • I feel eager to read more about these five kingdoms, more about Ocilla's purpose, and more about the significance of her name. Kara

What makes a kicking Back Cover Summary? I asked some experts. Greta is an editor who worked on my newest mystery. She had some great ideas for the blurb that accompanies my story. I also asked Linda Glaz, Hartline Literary Agent, for her professional opinion.

“What makes a good book blurb? A passage, a sentence, an idea... that I can't forget. I have read back cover book blurbs on books I haven't bought, only to return and make a purchase because the story talks to me in some way. A hint of danger, or adventure, or romance... all of them work.

“While working on The Map Quilt with you, I thought about scenes that would leave the reader hanging, wanting more. What would make me want more if I was the reader looking for a good book. With a book like The Map Quilt, which is a good, solid story, it was easy.”
Greta Gunselman, Editor

(Me, blushing…thanks, Greta!) And now, Linda says:

“Your first connection, other than recommendations from friends, to a reader is your jacket blurb. You'd better hook that reader right then, or they might not open the book. This is your first and possibly your last chance to sell interest in your story.”
Linda Glaz, Agent

While researching for this Clash, I came across some great information on the web from readers and writers groups, contests, literary agencies, and other authors.

Some facts to consider in creating your back cover blurb:

• Genre plays a role in what kind of information you reveal
• A blurb is not a summary, but a teaser
• Every blurb needs a killer opening
• A teaser still needs a good foundation that includes time period as relevant to genre, major players and their challenges, motivations, and goals
• Emotions that tug a reader’s heartstrings and create empathy

If any of these elements are missing or there are too many open-ended questions, a prospective reader may lose interest in the book.

And now…you’ve been waiting so patiently for the Big Reveal.

The Champion of Clash of the Titles Favorite Back Cover Summary is:

 I AM OCILLA, by Diane Graham

The winner of Caffeine is: ren black

The winner of I Am Ocilla is: jsmith

Congratulations, and thank you for joining our Clash of the Back Cover Summaries! See you next week.
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