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18 May 2011

An Interview with Author Christine Lindsay

Your hostess for this Clash is Lisa Lickel.
Read the Excerpts here.
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Meet Christine Lindsay, Author of Excerpt B

Christine Lindsay, author of Excerpt B, says:
After a crisis about 10 years ago the Lord nudged me to put the emotional healing I had received into fictional stories to help others. Like a lot of writers my loss became my muse. I don't need to kiss the Blarney Stone, I was born in Ireland, so the gift of the gab comes through the genes. But true fact---my great grandfather, and my grandfather both worked on the Titanic as she was being built in the Belfast shipyard. And no, we refuse to accept any responsibility for Titanic going down. A cup of strong black tea is the main staple of my diet, and I'm nuts about cats. As for my dreams I prefer to leave my inheritance to the Lord's wisdom. I find in doing so that He blesses me with more than I could ever imagine.
SHADOWED IN SILK  is out May 1 as an eBook, Sept. 1 for the printed version---and is a First place winner of the 2009 ACFW Genesis for Historical.
Christine Lindsay hopes you'll visit her web site: www.christinelindsay.com. She shares: I have been writing fiction for about 8 years, but I started out writing non-fiction about 10 years ago.
Tell us briefly what you love about writing in general, and what you love about this book.
My vivid imagination used to get me into trouble, sort of the bane of my existence. But it all made sense when the Lord urged me to use fiction to teach truth about Him while entertaining. The plots and scenes in my head suddenly had a purpose.
Shadowed in Silk is the kind of book I love to read. It is set during a flamboyant era of time that many Americans know little of---the British Rule of India. So it has dashing military officers on horseback, the English in their red carpet pomp set in marble palaces, danger, spies, and characters whose lives are torn apart, and a really strong love story where the hero and heroine are in an impossible situation that only God can untangle.

How did you arrive at this particular back cover blurb? Was it you or your publisher or a group effort?
The back of the book blurb was a combination effort between me and my publisher, WhiteFire.
What do you do first when you’re browsing in a book store? Back cover, front, cover, inside, first few pages? What usually entices you to buy a book by an author new to you?
The cover has to catch my eye, give me an emotional clue that this is a deep love story, and will whisk me away to a place I've never been. The back cover must have the elements in a story I like. I'm bored easily, so the plot has to have a number of riveting things happening. The first few pages do not necessarily have to have an explosive beginning, but I must see that the quality of writing promises that deep, rich story. I also prefer to read about realistic characters--ones who are not already perfect and who will suffer. I want them to learn like I have learned that only the Lord can change them as they lean on Him through this difficult life. 
Can you share your best marketing tip? 
The marketing aspect seems to go against the grain for a committed Christian. As I reach the release date of my debut novel the phrase, "I must decrease so that He will increase," resonates in my mind. The only reason I write is in order to encourage readers to love Christ and follow Him. So quite frankly, I ask Him to open up the marketing doors for me in a loving natural manner. He's God---if He wants me to succeed, then He'll make it happen. And if He wants me to have quiet success, then I'll praise the Lord for that.
Thank you Lisa. I'm so thankful for this opportunity. I hope that what I've shared will encourage other writers. It can be a puzzling ministry that we are called to at times.
Her question for readers:  When you see that a novel is set in an international setting, does this make you bypass it for a story that is set at home in the US?
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