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09 September 2011

And the Snappiest Dialogue excerpt Champion is

First, I want to share some of very supportinve comments these two authors recived these past two weeks:

·         Love the snappy dialogue because it always piques my interest and I keep reading! Good writing from both authors!

·         Both are really great! I wish I could read more of these stories. =)

·         Loved them both! Hard to choose. Can't wait to see who wrote them.

·         My grandfather used to quote the same verse to me as a child except he started with, "One figgy, foggy morning, cloudy was the weather I chance to meet..." I found this very interesting as a result.

·         Loved the "misty, moisty morning!" set into the dialogue. Very clever!

·         Wow! Tough one. Good job authors.

·         Both are cute. Hard choice.

·         Sample B's last line is terrific.

·         Oooh...I love both of these snippets! Definitely makes me want to know "the rest of the story" in both situations. Great dialogue!

·         Loved the dialogue in both of these snippets. What great characters!

The reader's choice for Snappiest Dialogue goes to....

           Really... it was a VERY



But Sarah Sundin is our Snappiest Dialogue Clash Champion!
Sarah receives the coveted "I Conquered COTT" button for her to display online, and
Marylu receives the "I Took the COTT Challenge" button.
Congratulations to you both, Marylu and Sarah, and thank you so much for joining us.

And now--the book drawings:

For Sarah's book, Christy.

For Marylu's book, Gwendolyn Gage.

Thank you all for coming by this clash. Please join us in our book club discussion of past Clash winners and on our Facebook page.

Next week our new Staff Clash hosted by Amanda Flower.
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