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08 December 2010

Christmas Week #1--Book Revealed

Excerpt A
Ride with Me into Christmas BY RACHAEL PHILLIPS
Ride with Me into Christmas is one of four novellas within A Door County Christmas
"Why did Angie dress the boys up for Christmas Eve service? They looked cute in green pants and vests, but at supper, Daniel and Elijah dipped their Christmas ties in ketchup. Now, before worship, P.J. tossed his into the restroom wastebasket. Paul held a similar opinion of ties. But he knew better than to cultivate it in his grandson."
About  A Door County Christmas
       Door County innkeeper Lola Peterson's gift of a Christmas cactus to four single women comes with a guarantee that the plants--and romance--will bloom by Christmas. But the barren plants don't appear interested and love isn't flowering either.
       Amanda Brooks escapes Chicago, hoping for a quiet getaway. In one jaw-dropping moment she's drafted into managing the inn and its legendary Christmas Tea. Quirky guests, a bare-bones budget, and the innkeeper's exasperating son make her wonder if Christmas and love have anything in common.  
      Widowed Joanna Flick's new neighbor Paul Sorenson shares her passion for bicycling and Door County, as well as her faith. But will their Grinch-y grown children steal their fun romance before it has a chance to bud?
      Chauffeuring two octogenarians as they prepare to sell their bayside cottage puts Madison Tanner smack-dab in the path of handsome realtor Grant Sterling. But when potential buyers keep backing out, will Grant lay the blame on Madison?
      Jillian Galloway sacrifices her vacation to salvage her uncle's dinner theater in time for Christmas, but a leaky roof and oddball actors challenge her optimism. When a mysterious Brazilian offers his help, should she listen to the rumors or trust those Latin eyes?
     As time draws near for the annual Christmas Tea at Lola's Heart's Harbor Inn, will the plants and romance remain dormant or blossom into holiday joy?
Excerpt B
Orphaned Hearts by SHAWNA K. WILLIAMS
David crawled over to the box and lay on his stomach. "And not just any train. This one has miles of track."
"Well, perhaps not, but it seems like it. And look here," David turned the box over, "the light on the front of the train comes on."
About Orphaned Hearts
Pastor David Langley understands six-year old Caleb Holsheyer -- what it feels like to be damaged and alone. His family killed in a fire, and his body severely burned, David grew up in an orphanage, ridiculed and shunned. He couldn’t let that be Caleb’s fate.

When adoption plans fall through, David is desperate to find Caleb a new home. But in the midst of the Great Depression most families are barely getting by. No one seems willing to take on the responsibility of an extra mouth, especially one belonging to a crippled child.

Except for Sadie Miller, the town spinster. In Sadie, David sees the answer to Caleb's needs. But Child Welfare doesn't agree, and demands other arrangements be found or the boy be returned to the orphanage.

David and Sadie team up, determined to find a home for an orphaned child, but while searching, might they find a family instead.
Read the excerpts here!
Have a question for Rachael or Shawna about their stories? Post a comment. They'd love to hear from you! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to learn more about these two talented authors!
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