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02 December 2010

Un/self-published Action Scenes--Author Interviews

Yay, it's interview day! I'm excited to get to know Cathy and William better. I bet you're anxious to hear who won. Well, I'm not going to tell you...yet. You'll have to come back on Friday for the winner reveal. (Who knows, you might have won something as well.) But I can tell you, it's close.

Have you entered our book drawing? If not, there's still time! Just leave a comment any time between now and Friday. We're giving away two fun books--Cathy's and a surprise Christmas book. But enough jabber. Now to the nitty-gritty.

Which character in your novel do you most relate to and why?
William: There is probably a bit of me in all of the characters. However, there is a character named Aetherial, who is an agnostic. He sees through the lies of the religions of Adme, but he comes to the conclusion that he can only trust himself. He's a passionate man with a "show me" attitude toward truth. Once he believes in something, he wholeheartedly commits himself to it. While I don't relate to his current beliefs in the novel, I am a "show me" person and tend to throw myself completely into something once I do believe in it.
Cathy: I would have to say Dani, simply because her spiritual journey to find home came from my own desire to find a place on earth to call home. For years, my family only lived in one place long enough to adjust before we moved on to another small Texas town. I longed for a place to put down roots and call home. Though this was a difficult and sometimes painful process, God taught me that He alone is our true home.
Is this novel complete?
William: It is currently in the beginning stages of editing. I just completed the climax and final chapter a week ago. My wife read the ending for the first time two days ago and I found it very rewarding that she was teary eyed and sniffling afterward. Does that make me evil? lol
Cathy: Yes, and available in both print and eBook format. The second Miller's Creek novel, A Path Less Traveled, is also available, and I'm working on Book 3, The Way of Grace. You can learn more at my website, www.CatBryant.com. 
Do your stories tend to be more character driven or plot driven, or both?
William: I think the world building necessary for a fantasy novel requires the story to have a strong plot driving it. That being said, Soul Yearning and the books that follow in the series are Albione's story. Without his personal journey, and how others are pulled into it, there is no story. So, in this particular story, it would be both, with a bit more emphasis on being character driven. 
Cathy: I've been told that my character's seem like real people, which I consider high praise, but I'm also a BIG believer in story structure. I guess the best way to explain it is to say that my characters drive the story with the help of the plot.

How long have you been writing?
William: I began writing in high school. I had three novels completed and was working on the 4th of a series when I gave my life to Jesus. I didn't feel like my writing pleased the Lord at that time, so I set it aside (I actually threw out the novels!). I began writing again about 10 years ago after teaching a leadership course on Moses. Soul Yearning was birthed at that time.

Since childhood. I was an avid reader, and because of my love for story, writing seemed like a natural progression. During high school, I wrote both competitively and for our local newspaper. When my kids were small, I tried writing several novels, but always ended up stuffing them in my bulging file cabinets because of other priorities. The empty nest helped spur me back into writing.

That was fun! And to our readers: anything you'd like to ask our authors?
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