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01 December 2010

Un/self-published Action Scenes--About the Books

The votes are in, our next literary champion is...Nice try. I'm not going to spoil the suspense. Come back Wednesday for the author crowning and the book drawing reveal. And remember, there's still a chance to get your name in the hat for our book give-away. Just leave a comment on a post now through Friday. The names of all participants will be combined and two lucky winners will be chosen. Make sure to come back Friday to see if you've won. For those of you who enter via comments, if you win, I'll ask you to contact me with your contact info so that we can get your prize mailed to you.

Now, to alleviate some of your nail biting suspense...the books behind the blurbs:

Excerpt A was taken Cathy Bryant's Texas Roads: This 2009 ACFW Genesis finalist tells the story of a hurting seeker looking for home.
Dani Davis longs for a place to call home. With quaint country charm, quirky residents, and loads of business potential, Miller's Creek, Texas seems like the perfect place to start over...except for the cowboy who gives her a ride into town. Then malicious rumors and a devastating discovery propel her down a road she never expected to travel.

A bit about Cathy:

Professional bio: Cathy is currently writing her third book and has written devotions for The Upper Room magazine, two devotional books, and online devotional sites.

Fun bio: Cathy is a former public school teacher who handed in her chalk for a private music studio and the opportunity to write. Her passion is to pen heart-stirring stories about God's life-changing grace. She's the wife of a music minister, the mother of two grown sons and a beautiful daughter-in-love, and the Nana of Harrisen. Her dreams include a hot-air balloon ride, hang-gliding, parachuting, and trips to Greece, Egypt, and the Holy Lands. She enjoys various creative pursuits and outdoor activities. A Texas gal since birth, Cathy lives in a century-old Texas farmhouse with her husband and a phobia-ridden cat.

Visit Cathy's website to find out more about her and latest release, A Path Less Traveled.

Cathy's got a question for you: What's your favorite snack food while reading?

Now to excerpt B:

Excerpt B was taken from William Ramirez, Soul Yearning.
Soul Yearning is the story of Albione, a young priest who makes a fatal decision that brings into question everything he's believed and sends him on a journey from tradition to truth.
Albione's life is fine until a series of night elf raids on the city compel his temple to join forces with their hated rivals, the Militia. While defending the wall, Albione has to choose whether to heal a militia soldier or let him die. His actions bring the wrath of his superiors and cause him to wonder about the validity of his faith.
Albione's search for truth leads him from the comforts of the temple and introduces him to a world of politics, faith, and danger he's never seen before. His travels across the land of Adme even expose him to a lost religion claiming that everything he's been told is a lie.
In the end, Albione must choose whether to submit to what's he's been taught or fight for what he knows to be true.
A bit about William:

Professional History: I've been writing for ten years, but seriously committed to it six months ago. My work-in-progress (Soul Yearning) is currently in the editing process.

Fun Bio: I'm married to my beautiful bride Beverly and have four very active children who keep me on my toes. I pastor a congregation in Central Florida and one of my favorite things has been to study the real to life people and events of the Bible. I'm fascinated by how relatable they are to what people go through today even though the culture and time period is vastly different. I like sports, steak, and my bride. I'm not a fan of cats or asparagus. My dream is to simply fulfill God's plan for my life faithfully.

Visit William's website, Rejoice Evermore, to find out more about him and his writing.

Now William's got a question for you: Could you imagine what it would be like to be born in a place where there was no access to the truth and everything you'd been taught was a lie?

To recap the two questions: William wants you to speculate on what it might be like to be born in a place where there was no access to the truth and everything you'd been taught was a lie. Can you think of any modern day examples?

Cathy wants to know about food! What's your favorite thing to eat while reading?

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