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05 August 2011

Authors Revealed!

Excerpt A came from Mike Lynch and his novel, After the Cross.
Clip from the excerpt: 
“Do you see that black Hyundai behind us?”  Mallory’s tone carried with it an element of fear.
Colton glanced at the rear-view mirror.  “The one two cars back?”
“Yeah, the SUV.  It’s the same one that was behind us when we left the Golani Junction.”

Colton Foster was once hailed as a renowned expert in Latin, Hebrew and Greek, but when a shadowy antiquities dealer outwits him with master forgeries from Solomon’s Temple, his reputation is nearly destroyed. Years later, his career and self respect still in pieces, a team of archeologists discover an 800-year old letter in Istanbul and his life takes a pivotal turn. The job of translating the letter, purportedly revealing the hidden cross of Jesus, is his for the taking, and with it a chance to redeem himself.

Mallory Windom is smart, beautiful, and skilled at getting what she wants. A linguistic prodigy with a dark history, she’s learned to trust no one, an important skill in the black market antiquities trade where she regularly sells her expert talents to the highest bidder. When she’s asked to join the same research team as Colton, she eagerly accepts, seeing it as a ticket to the legitimacy she craves. 

As Colton and Mallory hunt for Christianity’s most prized relic, mysterious forces seem bent on stopping them at every turn. In a race against time and hired mercenaries, Colton and Mallory’s search leads them to an ancient town in Israel. But they soon discover the quest for the cross comes from within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another. 
About Mike Lynch:

Mike works as an administrator at a high school in San Jose, and spend most of his free time writing novels. Mike is left-handed, taught himself how to juggle and ride a unicycle, and has no desire to own a cell phone.  He loves history and science fiction, and aspires to have one of his novels be made into a movie one day.

Excerpt B came from A Familiar Evil written by author Anne Patrick.

Clip from excerpt:
“Excuse me. I’m looking for Chief Russell.”
Jordan’s stomach did a nosedive at the familiar voice of her soon-to-be-ex-husband.
“You found her,” Frank answered.
Jordan looked up just as Sam smiled. “Indeed I have.” He started toward her desk.

Jordan Russell had the perfect life until the brutal monster from her childhood resurfaced, opening up scars she thought were healed.  With the hope of finally finding closure Jordan leaves her cheating husband, and her career in the FBI, and returns to where her nightmare began.  But what awaits her in Thorny Creek will push her to the very edge of sanity and bring her face to face with her abductor.

Anne Patrick is the author of more than a dozen novels of Romance, Mayhem & Faith, including the award-winning and best-selling Fire and Ash and Sabotage
As a kid growing up in a rather boring neighborhood it was up to Anne and her friends to generate their own excitement, so when other kids were off playing with their dolls and army men they were out solving make believe crimes in the neighborhood. Each day was a new and exciting adventure with danger lurking around every corner. Then in high school she discovered the wonderful world of romantic suspense and she's been spinning stories every since.  

When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling out of the country to experience new cultures.

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