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17 August 2011

School girl Crushes and Blushes

This week's host: Jennifer Slattery

Do you remember those dances held during junior high and high school? How you and your friends would spend hours pre-dance talking about what you'd wear, how you'd do your hair, and...giggle, blush, giggle...who might ask you to dance? Only those dances never quite ended up how we envisioned, at least not in my school. Inevitably, the guys huddled near the far, heavily-shadowed wall while the girls spent their time crying in the bathroom or trying to comfort their near hysterical friend hiding in the stall.

At least in Junior High. High School got a little better and people actually danced, and the bathrooms were far less crowded with splotchy-faced, sniffling girls.
But reading this week's excerpts actually brought me back even further...to sixth grade.

We didn't have dances--instead, our school hosted skating parties. Do you remember those? "Elvirah" blaring from those gigantic speakers while a disco ball lit up the room, making that feather pinned in your hair really stand out. (Those have come back, btw. Seriously.) We'd do the hokey-pokey, skate on one foot, then backward...but what the girls waited for, holding their breath and scanning the glittering room for their short, waif-thin and equally shy hero, was when the DJ announced, "Find a parnter!"

Now here's where it gets really fun, and extremely embarrassing, but remember I was a stupid kid with absolutely no life....

Who knew come skating party time, a boy--maybe even the boy--might hold my hand. Oh, the very thought made my stomach twirl.

In preparation, I slathered lotion on my hands the week leading up the event--and I mean slathered. Then, I'd rub it in and hold my hand out to my mom. "Are my hands soft? Feel them."

She'd laugh and feel my hand. Then I'd slather on more. "Feel them now."

She remained patient for about three or four applications.

What about you? Any stupid, cheek-burning stories to share? Tell us about it in the comments and it'll get you entered into our book give-away drawing. (And it will help reduce my humility after sharing such a pathetic story!)

And if you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so! That will get you another entry into the drawing. Remember, there are numerous ways you can enter. Leave a comment, vote, facebook share this post, or tweet this post. You'll get one entry for each method--up to four per day. (Although you can only vote once.)

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Diana Prusik said... Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

Okay, I'll be brave enough to share my cheek-burning skating story from my fifth grade year. I attended a birthday rollerskating party for a girlfriend at a rink in another town. My gross motor skills stopped developing when I was at the crawling stage of infancy, so putting on skates is embarrassing enough for me. Standing up in them? Total humility. Propelling myself forward while agile skaters whiz by? A disaster in the makes. After an hour of agonizing shuffling (or so it seemed), I finally made it down the first straight stretch only to realize turning the corner required a skill I didn't possess. Too late now to ask for a lesson on stopping. So to avoid the looming wall, my feet flew out from under me. On my way down, I heard the dreaded sound of fabric tear. I didn't learn to skate that day. Instead, I spent the rest of the party planted on a bench to hide the seat of my bell-bottom britches. How's that for embarrassing? :-P

jennifer Slattery said... Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

Oh, my! Your story reminded me of a moment when my honey and I watched our little princess--about the same age--shuffle-wabble-totter around the ring. Precious! Although luckily her britches never tore! Poor Diana!

LoRee Peery said... Thursday, 18 August, 2011

I grew up in the country and rarely went roller skating. But it's like riding a bike -- I never got the hang of either one.
As per young teen angst, I suppressed most of my own memories. But I remember my mom was influenced by a magazine article when she was young. She cut off her eyelashes but they never did grow back thick and long as they were supposed to, according to an influential teen magazine.

Michelle Massaro said... Thursday, 18 August, 2011

lol, Diana thank you for sharing your story. Jen, you too! I honestly can't think of one but if I do I'll come back and share.

Well, I don't know if this counts but it was embarassing (to me). In the third grade I was "picked on" (i.e. liked) by a particular boy and his friend. Chased at recess, you know the drill. The teacher was playing a Beatles record in class (?) and on comes the song, "Michelle, My Belle" and this boy and his friend start smiling and mouthing the words directly at me! I wanted to die. I pulled my jacket up over my head to hide and you know what the teacher did? Mrs. Johnstone (yes, her name is indelibly marked on my memory) sent ME out of class to sit on the walkway. ME! Well, it got worse because this boy got himself sent from the room too, no doubt on purpose, so he came and plopped down beside me and tortured me with his renditions with no savior in sight.

He continued to pull that song on me all year long. I think his name was Matthew. Matt, I haven't forgiven you! lol ;)

April Gardner said... Thursday, 18 August, 2011

You all have made my day with these stories! What a riot you all are! Boys were never interested me. I was scrawny and shy--the exact opposite of my older sister who didn't mind stealing the limelight. So I am bereft of childhood romances. But I loved your stories! Thanks for sharing, all!

jennifer Slattery said... Friday, 19 August, 2011

Oh, my, LoRee! What a devestating moment that must have been for your mom!

Michelle, that is such a sweet story! I think I'll have to call you My Belle from now on...except that might be a little wierd. Okay, maybe not. grin.

Oh, April, we were all goofy, lanky, pimple-faced kids! Wouldn't go back to those days for anything!

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