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24 August 2011

Meet Lisa T. Bergren, Author of Waterfall

This week's host: Jennifer Slattery

Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over thirty books that have sold more than two million copies combined. She’s written fiction of all sorts (romance, historical, contemporary, suspense, YA), nonfiction and children’s books. She divides her time between writing, editing, traveling and co-parenting her three children (16, 13, and 8) with her husband, Tim. The Bergrens reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Her Clash competing novel, Waterfall, book one in the River of Time series, transports the reader to fourteenth century Italy, smack-dab in the middle of a fierce battle between knights of opposing forces. Today, she shares the story behind the story and provides us with a glimpse into the writer's life.

Lisa, I've seen your name all across the web. Countless reviews rave about Waterfall, calling it the "adventure of a lifetime," and a "must read." Such stories normally represent decades of honing your craft. Tell us, how long have you been writing?

20 years.

Now that's perseverance--which clearly paid off. Waterfall has a very unique plot. Where did you get the idea for this story?

I've been fascinated with medieval society for years (primarily the romance of knights and ladies), have a passion for Italy, and love the thought of time travel. Mix that all together and you have my story.

It sounds truly enchanting. How do you go about crafting characters?

I start with names, principal relationships and then start figuring out basic personality, driving forces, and weaknesses.

The ingredients for authentic, dynamic characters for sure! Which character do you most relate to and why?

Gabi--she's headstrong and struggles with rushing ahead when she should wait and think something through.

Wow, I can so relate! Where do you most like to write?

I'm most proficient at the library. I like writing best on location. Sadly, that's tough to accomplish when your locale is Italy!

I can imagine! Any favorite writing snacks?

Caffeine is more a draw.

Mm...a nice, smooth hazelnut latte sounds lovely right about now. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received in regard to writing?

Just get your rear-end in the chair and force yourself to write 100 words. After that, it should get easier. And they're right. After that, I'm usually rolling...

Excellent advice! Outside of writing, any life-truths you'd like to share? What is the best life advice you've ever received?

Accept what is and move on--don't get stuck in the past.

Wow, that could apply to writing as well, and compliments the "get er done" emphasis you mentioned earlier. This week we've been talking about real-life romantic, or perhaps not so romantic, moments. Do you have any stories you can add?

When my husband and I were falling in love, we were out in a canoe on the lake underneath a starlit sky. That was when the Northern Lights came out...Pretty amazing backdrop for some kissing! :-) Nineteen years later, we were watching a sunset outside our villa in Tuscany, bells from Pienza tolling in the distance, a 13th Century wall across the valley...mmm, it was equally fantastic!

Beautiful! No wonder you married him! He sounds very romantic. If you could plan the dream date, what would you and he do?

Watch a great movie mid-afternoon and then head to a yummy dinner in a intimate restaurant.

You've given me two great ways to start my Saturday--begin with an eye-opening, taste-bud infusing latte and end the day with a movie and a candlelit dinner. (Now to get my husband on board.)

Lisa, thanks for joining us today! Readers, if you'd like to learn more about Lisa's novel, Waterfall, stop by Katie McCurdy's website to read a full review. Visit her website to find out more about her, her writing, and the River of Time series.

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And don't forget, there's still time to win a copy of Waterfall or This Fine Life. To be entered in our book give-away drawing, simply comment on today's post, tweet this post, or fb share it. (But remember, if you fb share or tweet today's post, shoot us an email letting us know.)

Come back Friday for the unveiling of our next literary champion and our book give-away winners!

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