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10 August 2011

Meet COTT Author, Anne Patrick

--this Clash's host, April Gardner

Author Anne Patrick is with us today to talk about her novel A Familiar Evil. 
(Readers if you didn't get an opportunity to read Anne's excerpt, you can do so HERE.)

Welcome, Anne! What element in your excerpt makes it your favorite scene, your Author's Choice?

The tension between Jordan and Sam, and the hint that she’s still in love with him.
I loved this scene too. Here are my favorite lines:  
She closed the door and looked at Sam. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m here at your request.”
“I specifically requested someone from the Charlotte field office.” Anyone but him.
He looked at her with the gorgeous smile that used to make her go weak in the knees. “And they forwarded that request to Agent Haines, who assigned me.”
“We’ll see about that.” 

So, she's about to divorce her husband when he's assigned to work a case with her? Yep, that's some serious tension, alright. So, Anne, do you generally plot your stories, or do you write by the seat of your pants?
I’m a Pantser.  I never plan anything.  As a matter of fact I didn’t know who the killer was in A Familiar Evil until toward the end of the book when he sprang out at me and said, “I’m your man.”  Of course I had suspected he was the one but I wasn’t for sure.  There are several possibilities. 

I love to meet a Pantser! You're a rare yet admirable breed. So where do you get your ideas from?
Often times when I'm researching one book, ideas for another start to sprout. Reading the paper is another good source for me. Life is truly stranger than fiction.

No doubt! Can you share something from the book you think readers would like to know?
I have plans for a trilogy in which Devin will play a larger part in Jordan and Sam’s life.

So, who's Devin and how does he play into the plot of A Familiar Evil? Do enlighten us! In the meantime, do you have a question for COTT readers?
What is your favorite vacation destination?

Good question, but how to choose?? Join in readers, and let us know where you prefer to spend your down time.

Thanks for the chat, Anne, and good luck in the contest!
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Come back on Wednesday for an up-close encounter with contestant Anne Patrick.

All this month, at the COTT Book Club, we're chatting with author, Delia Latham about her COTT-winning novel, Destiny's DreamCome join the fun!

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